About Us

Excellent Maintenance Company is a family-owned company founded in 2005 in Portland, Oregon. Excellent Maintenance has experience providing professional painting and maintenance services and works closely with customers to customize the job to meet their need.

The Choglo Family

The Choglo Family

Excellent Maintenance Co. is owned by Vitaly Choglo. Vitaly came to Oregon from Berdichev, Ukraine in 1992 and immediately got into professional painting for Trout Painting. Vitaly worked alongside his family providing painting services in Oregon for the next 5 years. After his job painting, he spent some time working on remodels and in manufacturing. However, Vitaly was anxious to get back into painting because he knew he had a talent and honestly, he missed the smell of new paint.

Vitaly started Excellent Painting Company and quickly realized that his talents for other services were needed by his customers as well. He then started Excellent Maintenance Company as a full-service home maintenance company.

Why Choose Excellent Maintenance?

“Excellent” is the name of the company because as Vitaly was learning English when he first came to Oregon, there was one word that he heard over and over after he completed a project: “excellent”. Vitaly’s customers say he is excellent because of his attention to detail and his focus on doing the job right the first time.

Excellent Maintenance Company stands behind our name. You can trust that we will do the job right and if for some reason the customer isn’t 100% happy, we’ll fix it.